The Bellima water-fan is the easy and simply solution to get optimal tea water in a sustainable way.

No cloudiness, no surface film, no chlorine taste. Just perfect tea.


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Product no.: 1002

Bellima waterfan - the perfect solution to create a perfect cup of tea. Easily and naturally. No surface film. No cloudiness. Just tea.

1 pack of 30 waterfans. Boil a waterfan with the water and use the water in the familiar way. Remove the fan after the kettle has cooled down.  For more information see


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can be shipped within D in bis zu 20 days


Product no.: 1003

And afterwards..

To remove the waterfan we recommend the Bellim-Ex, made of stainless steel. To be used after the cettle has cooled down.


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can be shipped within D in bis zu 7 days

Product no.: 1004

Become convinced by our Bellima-sampler. It also is the perfect present for your friends.

Content: 3 Bellima waterfans


If you order exclusively Bellima-samplers, we deliver free of forwarding costs.

In this case, please choose "Bellima-sampler free of forwarding costs" while ordering.

Delivery only after advance payment or PayPal.

can be shipped within D in bis zu 7 days

Product no.: 1005

Bellima test set. 3 Bellima water fans for testing. You will be convinced about the result and the easy handling.


£1.60 *

can be shipped within EU, CH in bis zu 21 days

Product no.: 1007

can be shipped within D in bis zu 7 days


Product no.: 2000
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